7 Remote Work Myths Debunked

Debunking Remote Working Myths One at a Time

Workers in a hurried commute with frequent nervous glances to their watches are a standard feature of a typical workday. Several strong cups of coffee, needless chit chat in colleagues’ cubicles, hours spent playing office politics and then it is closing time. The workers head home and the cycle repeats itself all year long. With more employees getting burned out and having unexplained absences from work, more organizations are having to consider the flexible option of remote work – a workforce working outstation that is often from home.

However, seeing as the home front is typically associated with relaxation, some managers’ balk at the idea; their minds conjuring up images of a worker in their pyjamas laid up in front of the TV all day, active on social media and yet still getting paid. Is that really the case though? Read on to see seven remote work myths debunked.

Myth 1: More Play, Less Work

It is a popular misconception that the remote worker lives in their pyjamas all day and are usually less productive than the office worker; more so, there is no manager available to keep an eye on them. However, statistics have busted this myth as surveys have shown that remote workers are 13.5% more effective than their deskbound counterparts. As it turns out, remote working is devoid of the distractions common in an office environment such as idle chit chat, coffee breaks, and frequent meetings. A remote working situation gives the employee greater control over ensuring that their work environment is free from interruptions. The result is a more productive and efficient worker.

Myth 2: Inefficient Project Management

That the remote worker is not often physically present at project management meetings and brainstorming sessions concerns some managers who assume the worker cannot fully be abreast and in the loop of developments. This need not be the case. With a project management application like Podio, team members can readily upload all project related materials, files, pictures and status updates in one transparent folder accessible by all. Podio keeps the remote team inclusive in the loop and well coordinated, bypassing time-consuming project meetings and improving efficiency. Podio can be totally customized to suit the needs of a specific project with the project overview and report visualizing in any display of your choice.

Myth 3: Remote Workers Work Round the Clock

Just as desk workers have lunch breaks and closing times, so does the remote worker. Not being physically in the office does not automatically translate to being on the clock 24/7. The remote worker who plans to work effectively structures their work day so as to ensure a healthy work-life balance. Syncing calendars to match that of other colleagues who might be in different time zones and planning their activities around set deadlines are all ways remote workers manage their time. Many remote workers even set up home ‘offices’ complete with a desk and computer that puts them in a mindset for work and where they can work without interruptions from family members who may assume their being at home means they are on vacation.

Myth 4: Remote Work is for the Lazy

As the remote worker’s work station is primarily and oftentimes at home, it has been erroneously presumed to be a shortcut out of ‘real’ work. The truth is that only very self-disciplined individuals can efficiently work remotely. If you are the sort of person who cannot get out of bed without someone coming to drag you or the sort for whom endless chatting on social media and lengthy calls with friends is a temptation, then remote work is not for you. As video conference calls are common in remote working, lounging around in your PJs is not an option; at least not if you want to be taken seriously. Getting dressed and appearing professionally is a requirement.

Myth 5: Remote Workers are Home Bound

Remote working is as the name suggests, remote. Remote can be anywhere not necessarily at home. Many remote workers have found the local café, a home office, a public park, co-working spaces or even outside the country a suitable place to get work done. Being cooped up in the office with its plain walls can be quite draining. With remote working, you can take a breather and work in an environment of your choice that would encourage a better workflow. And with so much technology more readily available than ever before, all a remote worker needs to remain connected and able to work is an internet connection. What’s more, with a cloud-based, cross-platform like Podio remote workers are offered the perfect tool for working and collaboration.

Myth 6: Holding Meetings are Harder with Remote Workers

It is a common misconception that one needs to be physically present to participate in meetings fully. Often because of the ready availability of employees in the office, meetings tend to be called for at every opportunity causing distractions and a break in the workflow. Even worse, such meetings drag on endlessly. With remote workers who have had to sync their schedules and make trips from various locations to make the meeting, such discussions are actually much more productive as the meeting is brief with matters on the agenda getting treated in a timely manner. This leads to greater efficiency for the workforce as a whole, as fewer meetings are held and in less time.

Myth 7: Remote Workers are a Lonely Lot

Seeing as remote working is very flexible, not limiting the employee to work within a certain time or place, a remote worker can only be lonely if they choose to be. Operating from a shared coworking space, working over lunch with friends or even dropping by the office for some face time with colleagues are all ways to maintain contact with other human beings. Being remote, most telecommuters have to do a lot of communication to keep the team updated. With frequent emails, phone, and video calls, there really isn’t much room for loneliness.

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