Effective Time Management Tips for Small Business Owners

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Prospective business owners would probably feel that time is never sufficient to accomplish every task set for the day. The situation is even worse with small business owners who see every second that ticks on the clock as money either earned or wasted. Time means money; in fact, there is no existing phrase that lends credence to this saying better than when you run a growing business.

If you are after some effective time management tips, our experts here at Future Solutions have created some effective time management tips for small businesses along with further information on how Podio CRM can help with that.

Improvising is not a great idea

For sure, improvising is never a great idea. Hence why it’s best to set a workable schedule and ensure that you stick to it. Productivity is sure to suffer a setback when you resume work daily without setting clearly defined tasks and goals to be accomplished. Disorganization breeds inefficiency and also wastes a lot of time. Your current priorities need to be considered while organizing your time – this can mean making a bulleted list of tasks for the day or breaking them down in an hour-by-hour fashion. Just do whatever is necessary to ensure that your time is managed effectively. 

For instance, you can delineate Mondays for your marketing calls, Tuesdays for the invoices and billing, Wednesdays can be for deliveries, and so on. For your daily schedule, mornings may be dedicated to calls and emails, while you divide your afternoon between order fulfillment and strategy. Whichever may be the case, ensure that you have a structure on ground, and try adhering to it.

Another great way to organise your workload is with the use of a project management application such as Podio you can manage big data effectively. However, Podio integration might require the help of a Podio consultant to ensure that this is done efficiently. The software can be used with numerous innovative functions and / or work processes and is dedicated to flexibility and individualization.

What’s more, the software comes with a killer feature that you will not find in any other competitor product: On Podio, namely, each user, without any technical expertise, creates their own app that corresponds exactly to his working forms and wishes. What’s more, the “Podio App Market ” contains tens of thousands of applications created or modified by other Podio users. The range of services is broad, ranging from apps for customer administration to apps for recruitment to applications that can be used to manage software bugs.

Group tasking by project or type

Grouping related or similar projects together is yet another effective way to manage time – this will ensure that you don’t spend your productive time hopping from one activity to the other. You will be better equipped to concentrate on the specific business goals that have been delineated for the day.

In explanation, a whole day can be marked out for tackling only your marketing task such as social media, preparing your newsletter, and many more – all these tasks are related, which makes it possible for you to apply your inventive and creative flow to numerous things at once.

When managing tasks, Podio comes in handy once again. What’s more, the incredible mobility of this solution is also underlined by the mobile app, which allows anyone to work anywhere and communicate with employees according to the concept of smart working. This way, you can ensure tasks are handled in time.

Avoid multitasking

Business managers make the mistake of believing that multitasking is a smart way of saving time. However, you will do more harm than good by cramming too many tasks into a short period of time. The best way to boost performance and productivity is by tackling a single task at a time. On the other hand, attempting to deal with one task while you reply to every text message, respond to every email, as well as micromanage every arising issue only means that you are not giving any single task the attention it merits.

This will likely result in your having to retrace your steps later to effect some corrections on careless errors. It also means that you are just wasting valuable time by shifting mental gears – the best route to take is one task at a time.

Delegate, delegate, delegate

Never be afraid to delegate – employ the services of trusted people who will be on hand to take care of whatever task you are not competent to tackle, or don’t just have the time to do. This will arm you with sufficient time to concentrate on your area of competence and the tasks that are more important. If you lack sufficient funds to hire the services of experts, you can consider outsourcing, or offering some college credits to interns.

Convert your conveyance into an office

Have you ever found yourself in that situation where you wish to accomplish some tasks as you drive from appointment to appointment, or had to sit and wait in your vehicle for a meeting to commence? Then hear this, rather than waste those precious minutes, get your car hooked up with Podio app on your phone via Bluetooth, and utilize the time in accomplishing some tasks that would be otherwise left undone because of time constraints.

Never allow your driving time to go to waste going forward – this is especially good for people who move in chauffeured vehicles. Strive to be constantly connected by investing in a laptop equipped with a mobile Internet card or a smartphone.

Organize your office space

It is not possible to work effectively on a clustered desk or a disorganized office – this will ultimately waste productive time. When you fail to organize your office, it may result in your working late several days a week, just to make up for the lost time.

Organized physical space will engender an organized mental space, giving rise to more effective work. Things like designated inward and outward piles, color-coded file folders and the likes aid in finding exactly what you need at the time you need it. Keep a balanced head-space by keeping a trash-free and cluster-free desk – this makes for greater productivity.

Identify your time wasters and eliminate them

There is always something that may lead one to waste productive time if not checked. Make an effort to identify all of them, and cut them out from your day – you can achieve this by keeping a diary.

If you find out that your time waster is social media, then a URL blocker can come in handy – use it for all the problem sites in your favored browser. If deciding on where to eat launch poses a problem for you, bring in your lunch from home. When answering emails becomes too time-consuming, set a limit on the amount of time you spend on your email per day.

Measure successes as well as failures

Every small business owner must possess one vital time management skill called goal-setting. Define your scalable business goals for the week, laying more emphasis on a specific aspect of the business, which you wish to focus on and appraise the wins and losses as the weeks roll by.

Why this strategy is super productive is due to the fact that failure is treated just as important as success. Through early analysis, you will able to save the time that would have been wasted by continuing to work on tasks that may not likely turn out successful.

Manage time efficiently with Podio

Future Solutions is an Authorised Podio Partner and we can help your organization manage big data and complex processes effectively and efficiently. Our Podio Developers can help design efficient project management solutions and build your Podio platform from scratch, optimize your existing setup, automate your business processes, and integrate your systems through custom API work amongst many other things. 

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