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Future Solutions was created to help share what we have learned with others.  

We believe we can help any organisation improve the way they do whatever it is that they do, allowing them to achieve more.  

Future Solutions was founded by the team behind Future Foundations, an award-winning UK youth organisation that helps young people to reach their full potential, who run domestic and international training programmes like Global Social Leaders.  

Future Foundations was typical of many organisations: it had lots of disparate systems and processes that didn't integrate with each other, required training in each, and was costing a lot of money to maintain and develop each year.

One system to rule them all

Future Foundations needed to bring all of our stuff together, to stop the silos of information, and to ensure that the left hand knew what the right hand was doing.  We needed one system to rule them all.  After over 3 years of searching, testing and developing, we were close to giving up hope.  

Then we found Podio.  

Podio transformed the way we did business.  All of a sudden, every system, process, procedure and database was all in one place, and all available from wherever we were.  We were waiting for the catch, the thing that would be Podio's downfall.  But there wasn't one.

That's when we realised that if our world was turned upside-down in an incredibly amazing way, we could help others to achieve the same.  We founded Future Solutions in February 2015 to enable organisations around the world to transform the way they do and think about their business.

Future Solutions is a Citrix Solutions Advisor and a Podio specialist, focusing on automation, CRM, integration and optimisation.  

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We have various price plans available to suit your needs and can work with you to meet your budget.  Click here to find out more about our support plans.

Future Solutions is an Citrix Solution Advisor.

We can help design and build your Podio platform from scratch, we can optimise your existing setup, and we can integrate  your systems through custom API work amongst many other things.  We work closely with leading developers around the world to drive Podio forwards.

We can't wait to meet you: let's change your world together.

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