CEO Interview

Our CEO - Pete Cuff - was interviewed recently for Gamechangers' podcast "Supercharged!" about the power of Podio. Together with Gamechangers CEO Jordan Samuel Fleming, Pete discussed how Future Solutions got started, some of the incredible projects that we have built with our clients, and what makes us stand out about our approach to collaborative and empowering platforms.

To listen to the podcast, search for "Supercharged with Jordan Samuel Fleming" wherever you get your podcast from and listen to episode 4.

Some of our work is also featured in episode 6, around 11 minutes in. Episode 6 is with Oyvind Gronn Madshus from WAU, the organisation behind WAU Portal.

If you're inquisitive about what Podio can do and why we love it so much, please download and have a listen!

Episode 4

Future Solutions
iOS Spotify

Episode 6

WAU Portal
iOS Spotify