The Gift Of Time

Here at Future Solutions, we have built thousands of automations and integrations.  The best thing about automations and integrations is when they’re there, they’re there.  You don’t need to think about them any more.  To quote the late great Steve Jobs, “It just works“.

One of our favourite automation platforms is Globiflow.  Globiflow turbocharges Podio and in our opinion, Podio would be a shadow of the infrastructure that it is without it.

But words can only say so much…  What  you need is proof, right?  Well let’s look at some evidence…



One of our clients is a speakers agency and is a one-person band.  They use Podio with Globiflow for everything from contract offer, negotiation and acceptance to billing.

That’s 1 person doing the work of a full time team of 4.

Another client is a training company with 7 full time employees.  They use Podio with Globiflow for all their project management, reporting and HR,

They save 145 hours of work every single day, 365 days a year.

One of our clients runs an specialist education website with 6 full time employees.  They use Podio with Globiflow.  A lot.

If one person worked from 1st January to 31st December for 24 hours a day, our client would complete the same amount of work automatically on the 27th of January.

Interested?  Get in touch to see how Future Solutions could help you optimise and leverage your resources, and help your organisation get more output for much less work.