Tips for Managing Big Data with a Team

Want to manage big data in the most efficient way? Our Podio specialists have devised some useful tips to help you get started.

In today’s business environment, traditional solutions for managing big data no longer seem adequate or appropriate for acquiring, storing and processing of data as it now goes beyond conventional database platforms or warehouses. Big data is any type of data that is categorized as being too large to process using conventional techniques such as Excel spreadsheet, word processors or PowerPoint and are often sourced from social media sites, websites, call detail records and system logs. 

Managing big data often requires the need to organize, regulate and oversee both structures and unstructured data. Whether with the use of automation or manual handling, effective and efficient data management can be immensely useful to companies as it helps to monitor and eventually increase revenue, ensures better customer service, reduce business expenses and gives the company a competitive advantage. The following tips will provide a detailed guide on how to manage big data within a team.

Outline your Goals

There is a need to define the required or necessary data that a business needs to survive. This is extremely important as it helps to identify the colossal amount of data that are available but not applicable to your business. Within a team, it is crucial to determine what kind of data to collect and the best method of collecting it; this often helps the company to use specialized technologies to collect, store and process data more efficiently. In the long run, the company has an advantage as cost expenses are reduced because strategies have been put in place to successfully acquire relevant data which will positively impact the success of the business.

Secure your Data

It would be totally impractical to spend time acquiring large volumes of data only to lose it; this will only increase the company’s expenditure and limit its objectives. A team managing huge amounts of data must establish various efficient strategies to not only secure the data but also make it accessible whenever it is needed. Data can be secured by implementing strategies such as high-level firewall security, spam filtering, malware or adware scanning and permission control for members of your team. Failure to take the necessary actions to secure your data may lead to loss of clientele, bankruptcy or dissolution of the business.

Synchronize Data With a Podio CRM

Synchronization of big data is important as it avoids consistent errors. Databases can be created and accessed through a large number of channels but not all channels are compatible with each other. It is important to employ the use of software that can integrate and process most of your data. With an efficient project management software, clear goals can be set for better productivity.

A major error most data management teams make is by deploying different tools for each database; this will only lead to a communication and accessibility problem when the tools cannot interact with one another. One of the goals of data management teams is to create seamless synchronization of big data which can be done by using specialized tools such as cloud storage or remote database administrator. Additionally, with the use of a project management application such as Podio you can manage big data effectively with your team remotely. An experienced Podio consultant can ensure that this is done efficiently. The software can be used with numerous innovative functions and / or work processes and is dedicated to flexibility and individualization.

What’s more, the software comes with a killer feature that you will not find in any other competitor product: On Podio, namely, each user, without any technical expertise, creates their own app that corresponds exactly to his working forms and wishes. What’s more, the “Podio App Market ” contains tens of thousands of applications created or modified by other Podio users. The range of services is broad, ranging from apps for customer administration to apps for recruitment to applications that can be used to manage software bugs.

Protect your Data

When dealing with big data, it is important for the team to view data security as a critical component of data management. It is also vital to note that threats to your data will not only occur through malware or viruses but it can occur in the form of natural elements such as humidity and high temperature, which pose a major threat and can easily corrupt or destroy your data.

Environmental or surrounding conditions have to be artificially regulated wherever data is being stored or processed to ensure it does not become exposed to extreme conditions. In addition to this safety measure, the team can create back-ups for the data which can then be stored off-site. Back-ups should be regulated updated to allow for data management.

Acquire Data Skills

Most teams rely on well-known strategies and tactics in managing data; this may show consistency but in a digital age, the need for developing new skills to apply the best practices in managing data very crucial. Developing and improving data skills within your team helps the company to effectively use big data to analyze results, search for patterns and communicate their observations and insights.

Some of the data skills required for managing big data are analytical skills, which is the ability to gather and analyze all forms of data in details; numeracy skills, which is the ability to have a good knowledge of numbers and figures and understanding the relationship between them; technical and computer skills, which is the basic knowledge of statistics and necessary computer software and tools.

Pay Attention to Audit Regulations

Most companies have their database management teams off-site and this can sometimes lead to them overlooking the right procedures for audit regulations. It is imperative to ensure that big data is being managed accordingly regardless of which database that has been assigned to the team. It is vital to comply with audit regulations when managing data as it can protect your company from liability and improve client relations.

These can be effectively done by investing in software and databases that will automatically keep track of all the data involved, management factors, performance management among others. Complying with audit regulations also builds a positive image for your company and guarantees consumer trust.

Adapt to Changes

It is commonly known that data management practices are ever dynamic and constantly evolving as new tools and products are launched to replace outdated ones. It is therefore imperative to stay up to date and keep up with new data management trends as they develop. To give your company a competitive advantage, the data management team should be flexible enough to incorporate new ways of managing big data and must be willing to adapt to the ever-changing field of data management.


Managing big data within a team can be challenging but the above-stated tips will help the data management team of a company to better handle big data in a more effective and efficient way which can only ease the process.

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