Propela is the world’s leading agency for cultural creatives.

Propela represents mavericks working on the bleeding edge of the arts and sciences. From Body Architects and Food Artists to Cultural Hackers and Fashion Futurists, all their clients have a healthy disregard for the impossible.

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Deboray Rey-Burns
Deboray Rey-Burns Director | Propela

I can’t recommend Future Solutions enough.

Pete Cuff [Managing Director at Future Solutions] told me how Podio was going to change our life, but it wasn’t until we got deeper in the developing process that I was able to see the bigger picture and it was like coming out of the dark.

Pete was great at seeing our business from a variety of perspectives but he was also a keen listener and understood straight away what we do and why we do it.  Podio has radically changed the way we work and it means we can now spend more time on the business as opposed to in the business and for any start up or SME this is critical to growth.

I can’t recommend Future Solutions enough and if you’d like to speak to me directly feel free to get in touch.

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Future Solutions worked with Propela to take existing processes using a combination of separate spreadsheets, email templates and documents, and developed a fully automated cradle-to-grave system for client and supplier communications.  The Podio platform governs how event bookings are researched and finalised, including all operational logistics and contracts, and integrates with the company’s email accounts to collate a detailed communications log for each and every client.

Propela’s creative talent can now access a live dashboard of their booking enquiries and confirmed events at any time via a personalised and password protected page of Propela’s website, drawing on information held within the Podio platform.

As part of the platform. legally binding letters of engagement are created, pre-approved by the talent, and then signed off by the event organiser as part of an automated process: Propela only needs to initiate the first step and the rest of the process is daisy-chained together to form a seamless and slick process.

Future Solutions also built a bespoke invoicing process in Podio that enables Propela to complete its regular billing for work completed, and also for any other purpose.  Prior to Podio, invoices we manually created and tracked using a document template and a spreadsheet log.

Visit the Propela website

Visit the Propela website